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Sixteen by Nine is five years old

As Sixteen by Nine celebrates its fifth birthday, our Managing Director, David Silverman, reflects on the last five years of an incredible journey.

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Writing Presentations

Do you plan your presentation before you start writing? Or do you open PowerPoint, stare at a blank screen, grab a coffee and then deal with the email that needs a response right now?

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Visual Storytelling: The journey

Abi Fern, one of the creatives at Sixteen by Nine shares her thoughts on being both a graphic designer and visual storyteller.

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I love our clients and I love helping them achieve success

Our Managing Director, David Silverman, reflects on his own experiences of developing client relationships.

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powerpoint live

PowerPoint Live

PowerPoint Live is an exciting new feature being introduced by Microsoft and will bring a new presentation experience to users of Microsoft Teams.

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Choosing photos

Copyright law and image use

Understanding image use and copyright law in your presentation designs. Creative Commons and royalty free licensing explained.

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death by powerpoint

Death by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint? Not at Sixteen by Nine. Only killer presentations to be seen in our studio.

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virtual presentations

Virtual events are good for business

Virtual events are allowing businesses to stay connected to their clients by delivering engaging and informative presentations online.

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Presentation storytelling

Presentation storytelling can make all the difference in how your audience hears what you want to say.

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Working from home

COVID-19 has changed the way of working for many of us. We take a look at the challenges faced with remote home working.

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Storytelling and creative communication

Creative communication and storytelling allow you to engage your audience.

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Online PowerPoint presentations

Virtual presentations and online meetings are now part of the furniture when it comes to working from home. Find out how you can be a pro.

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