I love our clients and I love helping them achieve success.

In the past, I’ve worked for companies who view clients as ‘the enemy’. A necessary evil, who pay the bills. I found this created a ‘them and us’ attitude which, for someone who worked as an account director, was not only unhelpful, but also incorrect and wrong.

I have been lucky enough to work with many of the world’s great brands; but it is the individuals behind the brands that mean the world to me.

I love what I do, and I love my clients. And I love using my expertise and objectivity to help them succeed. I believe that the key to a successful agency /client relationship should be a genuine desire for your client to succeed, coupled with an ambition to provide value.

"I’ve come to realise that the customer is not always right, and that I have a duty to explain to them why."

— David Silverman

True Value.

When we set up Sixteen by Nine in 2018, it was in part so that we could work only with people that we liked, cared about and respected. We also wanted to be able to offer our clients true value. At Sixteen by Nine we achieve this by offering a level of expertise in a very specific field that we believe cannot be matched elsewhere. We are a team of presentation experts, passionate in the art of creative business communication, who offer distinct advantages over in-house solutions. It is these advantages that enable us to provide value and success for our clients.

A contextual perspective gained from deep expertise.

I find it so refreshing, even three years on, to be able to offer one specialist service. One single area of focus that I know, hand on heart, we are awesome at providing. The benefit of consulting for multiple clients within a single specialism is that firstly, we improve with each project. And secondly, we are afforded a unique perspective. Indeed, our positioning allows us to see trends and patterns. We have a contextual viewpoint that allows us to tap into our knowledge-bank and be able to know what will work well and what might be a potential issue. This insight is one that can only be achieved through time, experience, and expertise, and is crucial when developing engaging narratives for our clients to captivate their audiences.

Brave objectivity.

Two of our company values are to “Be Brave” and to “Think Again”, and we look to realise these values for our client’s benefit with every project we undertake. Being able to analyse a client brief from an outside perspective gives us an advantageous objectivity that is not always visible from the inside. We have an ability to bravely express our observations gained through our outside vantage point without career concern, bias, apathy, or loyalty. We will not allow proper guidance to be diluted by company politics or agenda.

We strive to deliver legacy for our clients. As a team of experts passionate in the art of creative storytelling, we approach every project with an open mind not a predetermined solution. Our model is not based on replication, but on continued improvement and innovation. I love our clients and I love helping them achieve success.

If you were to ask me what our best piece of work is, I truly believe that the answer is our next one.

-David Silverman