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Keynote speeches

If you’ve spent months planning a conference, you’ll need to make sure you deliver engaging and memorable presentations to inspire your audience. We offer a full range of presentation design services and have years of experience working on conferences and events. Along with our presentation expertise, we help deliver the impact your story deserves.

When it comes to events, we can conceptualise and design the overarching theme. This is combined with supporting collateral and all-important presentations, to create a truly unified and immersive communications experience.

Alternatively, if you’re a speaker at an event and promoting your personal brand, make your moment count. With our unique process of storytelling, design, animation and interactivity, you’ll be able to keep the audience in the palm of your hand.

Virtual conferences

We are big fans of this relatively new and exciting format. Recently this has become the only viable option for many businesses. They are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Virtual presentations also reach a far wider audience, more than a traditional live event ever could. What’s more, each presentation can be viewed multiple times.

Virtual conference presentations can still be beautifully designed. They can be as dynamic and engaging. We have delivered a huge number of presentations in this format for blue-chip global brands. We offer a range of presentation design services with a solution to fit all needs.


Standing out from the competition in a pitch presentation could be the deciding factor. Consider the overall value of the contract and how much work it has taken to get to the presentation stage. Surely it makes business sense to make the presentation the best it can be?

Pitches can be time sensitive. We work closely with you throughout the process to discover what makes you different. Our insight will enable us to bring your USPs to life to deliver an unforgettable presentation that truly stands you apart from the competition.

Business meetings

Have you worked hard to secure a meeting, be it with a customer or a key stakeholder? Grab their attention from the off with an engaging presentation.

We distil your narrative and design it in such a way that allows the content to be king. The priority being on your audience and objectives.

Above all, we look at creative ways to tell your story. Making sure that the presentation is on-brand and appropriate for the environment you’ll be presenting in.

Business Meetings
Internal Communications

Internal Communications

In order to be truly successful, every member of your team must drive towards the same goal. Therefore they need to have a clear understanding of what they are aiming for.

We believe that internal presentations are just as important as your most revered customer. If you can get each one of your team on the same page, imagine how far you could go together.

From critical business announcements and training, to product launches and onboarding. By building presentations that engage, they will motivate and retain staff. Resulting in a positive impact on both your company and the bottom line.

Interactive Documents

Often in business, there are instances where information can’t always be presented. However, you still need to guide the user on a  journey. This means that information needs to be clearly laid out, well designed and engaging.

We build fully interactive presentations. Using quick links, that enable users and presenters to jump straight to the information they need at the tap of a screen.

They’re perfect for internal training toolkits, information guides, or as a sales enablement tool. Maybe you need to tailor a presentation on the go. Moreover, because they’re built in PowerPoint you have the flexibility to edit and republish them whenever you need. Interactive documents are just one of the presentation design services we offer.

TfL day in a life


The story is the most important part of any presentation. Communicating a clear message is crucial for guaranteeing audience engagement.

Firstly, we start with an exploration session, to find out about you and your audience. We then listen to what you want to say. This allows us to find the best way to tell your story. Next, we work closely alongside you to ensure that the intended message carries through. Ultimately ensuring that it effectively delivers the right impact.

However, if you are content with your narrative, we will simply ensure it translates perfectly onto the screen.


We know that not every presentation you do will warrant budget spend. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look good.

Empower your employees to create impactful, on-brand presentations. Provide them with a tailored PowerPoint toolkit that they can use again and again. Our presentation design services include developing powerful templates with a wide range of slide designs. This allows your colleagues to pick the right template for their content. Built-in instructional notes provide give guidance. They build their own professional looking presentation

Our toolkits differ hugely in length, depending on the brief. They can include everything from editable chart styles and imagery, to iconography and maps. Therefore the possibilities are endless.

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