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THE BRIEF: To create a stand-alone presentation that clearly communicates key messages and helps to educate market teams so they can embed Doritos Hot Nachos in their markets.

DELIVERABLE: An interactive PDF.

“There is overwhelmingly good feedback and sentiment that this will do a great job for us. Thank you so much for everything – you guys were great to work with.”


Doritos is a globally recognised brand and leader in corn chip snacks. PepsiCo has taken Doritos to the next level by developing ‘Doritos Hot Nachos’ to change the Doritos culinary experience across away from home venues. To achieve best possible success across all markets, each business unit needed the tools to enable them to sell the concept to PepsiCo’s focus channels and gain maximum exposure in their market. These tools would need to communicate the business case, financials, opportunity, channels, serve process and execution examples all housed in an on-brand, concise and easy to use format.


A single, interactive toolkit document that brings the Doritos brand to life and communicates the messaging concisely so that it’s easily relatable for all markets and can be digested without the need for a presenter.

Doritos slide


We developed a bespoke look and feel which was based both on the Doritos brand guidelines but played on the different flavours available. Our layered design approach used drop shadows and texture to add depth while also emulating the different layers and variety of toppings available. We demonstrated how easy the snack is to create in away from home settings through bespoke illustrations and also created best practice examples for retail settings.

Illustration Doritos


The toolkit was designed so that stakeholders could refer to the document time after time and quickly navigate to the information they needed on that occasion using the navigation bar and quick links.

doritos chart


We built the toolkit in PowerPoint, links and all, so the central team could make updates as required with learnings as the product was rolled out across markets, without the need to come back to us for every small change. However, the toolkit was issued as an interactive PDF to keep the file size lighter and ensure no accidental changes could be made.