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THE BRIEF: To develop and deliver a virtual conference solution that would exceed all expectations and would showcase our client’s resilient and inspiring spirit.

DELIVERABLE: 18 expertly crafted, bespoke, visually impactful, professionally produced and edited, and highly immersive video presentations

"I have heard only positive feedback on the presentation and especially on the quality of the way the entire production was put together. You truly are magicians."

Beam Suntory traditionally host an annual live conference for its international market. As a proud partner, our dedicated team has designed engaging, inspirational and visually stunning main-stage presentations for this prestigious event for the past six years. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic meant that both domestic and international travel was not an option in 2021, and yet our client still had extremely important messages to communicate to its international markets and key personnel.

A best-in-class virtual conference that would deliver expertly crafted business messaging to a hugely important global audience.


We conceptualised and developed the overarching conference theme and identity – ‘LIFE 2021’. This was devised to be both optimistic and inspiring. A theme that would really celebrate the brilliance of life and look forward towards a brighter 2022. This would be the golden thread that would unify all of the conference’s presentations and collateral.

Conference Theme
Jim Beam conference presentation


In total we designed 18 bespoke presentations which, told Beam Suntory’s brands’ marketing stories in a highly effective and engaging way. Ensuring that they delivered the impact that their world-class brands deserve.


We supplied each presenter with a ‘presenter filming kit’, which comprised a tripod, lighting and an HD web cam. We also provided audio-visual and directional support to ensure the best possible delivery of each of the presentations.

Basil Hayden presenter


The final stage saw us professionally edit the presenters’ video and audio recordings to their slides, ensuring a seamless and perfect delivery. The final presentations were converted to video files and housed on a video hosting platform, where they could be streamed ‘live’ or downloaded for ‘on-demand’ viewing.


Our solution proved both innovative and effective, and it delivered fantastic results for our client.

"I just want to say again, WOW. Thank you for your craft. You just nail it!"

"You have again raised the bar with technology and content and pushed us to be better, so thank you"

"This looks amazing – the overall finish on this is superb. Amazing job."